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Needle threaders

Needle threaders

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The Best Needle Threaders

The one gadget we rave about. These are the best needle threaders that we have found, and we've tried them all! If you are sick of the thin wire needle threaders snapping or coming off their handle after a couple of uses, this is the tool you need.

A helpful tool for any sewing kit

  • 2 different sizes of hook (0.25 and 0.5cm)
  • Each pack contains 2 x metal needle threaders
  • Time saving
  • More hygienic than sucking the end of the thread
  • Can do it with your eyes closed

When to use a needle threader

Best for hand-sewing, unless your sewing machine has an eye wider than 0.25cm. This is a great needle threader for wool, cotton and any fibre you may struggle to thread.

How to use a needle threader

This needle threader works by putting a robust metal hook through the eye of a needle instead of a flimsy wire or floppy thread. With a hook on each end to catch your yarn and easily pull it through the eye of your needle for successful threading every time.

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Customer Reviews

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Great addition to my sewing box

These are certainly more durable than the often seen wire ones, and are a necessity, especially for threading my sewing machine, as eyesight needs assistance these days!