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Good quality socks

Love the inclusion of the needle and thread.

It's a little point of difference that I'm pleased you love Gabriel :)

Beautiful book

Very lovely book. I’m a total beginner and not yet tried following the instructions but enjoying reading and the great pictures.

It's fab isn't it Jo? We're about to launch our online beginners' darning workshop so that might also be a useful route into the world of mending.

Great sock

A great sock,well made and has a great idea and passion behind it. Recycled materials made in to what we need-a great sock.
In these times we need to help our small companies keep going and by buying a pair or two that helps everyone along the line.

Your support and your encouragement of others to do the same means such a great deal Iain. Shopping small and local really does make a huge difference. Thank you.

How to Quit Fast Fashion

A lovely compact book with lots of ideas and encouragement to make your wardrobe more environmentally friendly.

Thank you Bev. 100 tips that I really hope you'll find useful.

Quality comfort

Very nice quality sock. A comfortable warm material and good fit. Sustainably packaged from an ethical business, what's not to like!

Using the kit that came with this pair I've darned on old lower quality pair (not from socko) to save throwing them away and have been inspired to try repairing my own jeans too.

I'm overjoyed to hear the mending kit has been put to good use! I would love to see your handiwork Paul. Inspiration is the name of the game and I have a denim hand mend tutorial over on Instagram if you need a little further mendspiration.

Beautiful darning egg

I ordered an egg from Socko, having decided to try a few repairs to socks and tights. A box arrived 2 days after my order, containing a perfect wooden egg, needle and thread/yarn. Really good service and the egg is a pleasure to hold. Just need to practice darning now. Thank you.

I'm so pleased to hear it's set to be put to work Sara. Thank you for taking the time to share your lovely review.

Excellent book

What a lovely read. Emma gives useful advice on using our clothes more ethically. I haven't tried restyling anything I already own but am considering trying that rather than buying something new. Thank you Emma for this lovely book. I would recommend it.

So good you reviewed it twice? We hope so! :)

Excellent book

What a lovely read giving helpful advice about more ethical buying. I haven't tried restyling anything I already own but am considering trying it rather than buying something new. Emma has given useful thoughts about how we use our clothes in a more ethical way. Thank you Emma. I would recommend this book.

I'd love to see any re-styling changes you do make Eileen. It can be daunting but hugely rewarding, especially if it's something that's been sat on the 'maybe' pile for a while.

Good quality socks

These recycled socks are very soft, warm and comfortable. They fit very well and the service was excellent. Would definitely recommend them.

So glad you're enjoying them Eileen. Thank you for sharing your endorsement!

Just what I wanted

These socks are so comfortable. I love them.

Nothing quite beats the comfort of cashmere/merino wool. Glad to be able to share the love. Thank you Shalom.


These socks are beautiful and sold, as always, with love and care.

Very pleased they reached you with the love and care I try to place into each and every order Shalom. I'm so pleased you like them.

A handy book with plenty of helpful tips and tricks to make your wardrobe go further and make you think about your relationship with fashion and consumption. Will be referring to this regularly.

Great to hear it's got the conscious consumption cogs whirring :) Thank you for your support Charlene.

Bought these as a Christmas present and the recipient loves them! I'm reliably informed that they are comfortable, a great fit and keep the wearer nice and warm. These arrived beautifully wrapped with a lovely note enclosed - a thoughtful detail and yet another reason to shop independent.

Hear hear Charlene! A note is the least we can do to thank you for shopping independent.

An excellent read, full of ideas and tips for a more sustainable approach to fashion but still feeling good about ourselves and understanding our wardrobes better. Emma makes so much sense but I must work harder at the one item in and one item out routine!
A really useful dipping in and out of book

Certainly easier said than done Andrea! Thank you for taking the time to review my book, I'm so pleased you find it useful.

Incredible passion, wonderfully simple but important innovation

Incredibly comfy and warm (winter is a good test!) and I had the priviledge of chatting to the founder at a market stall in mid-December in Stoke Newington. Her passion was clear and her ideas were brilliant, to source and make in the UK, and really have a clear mission for an item we're really bad at throwing away. Can't wait for my next pair, and I love that she has combined products with education, to keep the items not throw away and buy again. I'll be purchasing the book soon!

I remember having a great discussion with you Moj. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to share in the passion. I'll look out for your name in our order list.


Lovely idea, and really good socks! Almost looking forward to getting a hole so I can darn them.

That made me laugh Gemma! Nothing wrong with a bit of embellishment in a contrast colour in the meantime :)

Ethical and beautiful!

Great quality and love the ethos behind the brand. Came beautifully packaged with their own darning needle and thread, really nice and thoughtful touch!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your kind feedback Issy. It really is very much appreciated.

So comfortable and attractive, and what a good idea to include a repair kit and access to online workshops via the website (but I doubt that I could darn socks while watching television as Emma suggests!). Also, I was attracted by the ecology / anti-consumerism ethos which is a crucial aspect of these socks.

We'll make a TV darner of you yet James! Thank you for your kind words :)

Christmas socks

I got my partner to get me these socks for Christmas as I had seen Socko at a Christmas market last year and liked their products. They are super comfortable and, what I particularly like, is the addition of some extra thread and information as to how to darn socks in order for me to be able to mend them when they start getting holes in them. So simple and ingenious!

Oh thank you so much Sophie. Glad to hear you plan to make use of the needle and thread too. My top tip is to reinforce as soon as wear starts to show. A stitch in time saving nine and all that!

Lovely socks

A really first class idea. The socks fit my husband well and are cosy too. Thank you.

Very glad to hear that both you and your husband are happy with our socks Sue. Thank you very much for feeding back to us. Cosy wishes to you both.

Fit incredibly well, and so comfortable. Love them!

Thank you for sharing the love Jim!

Love my socks

Love my socks and everything this brand stands for.. They're still going strong.

So pleased you love your Socko socks Jessie and that they're getting plenty of wear. Excellent news.

Full of such handy tips

Love this book. I dip in to it regularly to remind myself of small ways to change. I'm very much into all things sustainable but still found so many new ideas and things to try. Great book for newbies to responsible fashion and old hands alike.

It's great to hear you're getting good use out of my book Jessie. Dipping in for reminders is a great way to go. Happy reading.

Snug as a bug

Great socks. Good looking, comfortable and well made. What’s not to like?

Hurrah! I'm so pleased you like them. Thank you for sharing the sustainable sock love.