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Socko Pilling Comb

Socko Pilling Comb

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What it is

Over time even the best quality knitwear will be susceptible to "pilling" (bobbling) as friction from wear bonds the short fibres from the surface of your knits together. This is particularly true of luxury fibres like cashmere, which get their softness from their shorter fibres.

This wooden handled comb is easy to use and will bring instant life back to your knits. It's a much less risky option than trying to shave them!

A must have for your sustainable wardrobe.

How to use

Hold the top end of your bobbly knitwear firmly on a flat surface. Comb away in one direction to remove excess fluff and bobbles.


Made from FSC® certified beech wood. All FSC®-certified forest products have been verified along the entire supply chain, from their origin to the end consumer, supporting sustainable forest management worldwide.


7.7cm x 4.3cm x 0.7cm


It is worth noting that despite extensive research, these combs were made in China. If you are or know of any UK manufacturers able and willing to produce a cashmere comb, please get in touch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrea F.
Pilling comb

I used it immediately on a very pilled cashmere sweater, it was brilliant and done in a trice.

Luísa T.
Fan of socko

Very, very good

Kevin F.
Fantastic Results

Used this on a vintage cashmere-silk sweater and it restored it beautifully. Also great job on a woolen cardigan. Highly recommended. Many thanks. Customer care and special little touches highly appreciated also. Ethical company, amazing customer service and superb product. Highly recommend.

Good quality !

That’s what I have been looking for. Works very well